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Open your spaces in order to search for the truth, life, feelings, emotions, power, wealth, desolation...Everything that has to do with life. Look for the way to enter and also for the way to exit, always lurking, undaunted, it only spins, just one movement. There where you are least expecting them, they are, observing for you, for me, encouraging one more step. The ones who pass by and never see you, ignore life, dazzle the being, throughout time it grows old, it remains once and again, groans of a minister, experiences without life. Don't close your eyes, come back again.

The Author



She was born in Bogota Colombia Graduated as a lawyer from the Universidad Libre of Colombia. Carried out studies on plastic arts, techniques and expression at the Universidad El Bosque, in Bogota; Art and Visual Perception. Has a degree on Contemporary Art Theory from the Javeriana University of Colombia. Was an apprentice of the Master Armando Villegas in Bogota, Colombia. Has a degree on Resilience and Sense of Life from the Javeriana University. Has developed the design, production and assembly of Exhibitions in Museums, Art Galleries and Art Centers in Javeriana University. She is a cultural manager.

Has developed Workshops with the historian, researcher and art critic Álvaro Medina.


Address of calls made from the La Escalera Gallery Bogotá, Colombia

 What are we made of 2017 - 52 participating artists
 Structures and colors in the wind III 2016 - 54 participating artists
 The faces of the soul 2015 - 21 participating artists
 Mural "From art for peace" 2014 - 92 participating artists
 Structures and colors to the wind II 2014 - 30 participating artists
 Memories of childhood. Structures, colors and ideas to the wind 2013 - 27 participating artists.


Curatorial work

 Cafam UNICAFAM University Foundation - World Oceans Day Exhibition - August - October 2018 Bogotá, Colombia
 Municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism of Cajica - World Oceans Day Exhibition - May 2018 Bogotá, Colombia
 Jaime Duque Park, Taj Mahal Jaime Duque Grisales Museum Hall - Sense of the Sea Exhibition - May 2018 Bogotá, Colombia
 Pedestrian Link & San Diego-Tequendama Cultural Gallery - Mural From Art for Peace - May - June 2018 Bogotá, Colombia
 Escalera Gallery - What are we made of - September - October 2017 Bogotá, Colombia
 Jury XIV Hall of Quindian artists at the Museum of Art of Armenia and Quindío - October 2016 Armenia, Quindío. Colombia
 Public Library Virgilio Barco - Structures and Colors to the Wind III - August - September 2016 Bogotá, Colombia
 Council of Bogotá - Mural From the Art for Peace - May - June 2015 - Colombia
 Escalera Gallery - The faces of the soul - March 2015 Bogotá, Colombia
 Senate of the Republic of Colombia, patio Álvaro Gómez Hurtado - Mural From the Art for Peace - March - April 2015
 Escalera Gallery - Mural From the Art for Peace - October 2014 Bogotá, Colombia
 Escalera Gallery - Structures and colors in the wind II - August - September 2014 Bogotá, Colombia
 Escalera Gallery - Memories of childhood. Structures, colors and ideas to the wind - August 2013 Bogotá, Colombia
 Escalera Gallery - since 2009 Bogotá, Colombia
 Andrés Bello Agreement - Cultural Center - April 2008 Bogotá, Colombia.




Patricia Ortega has found in the keyhole a world full of symbolism and mystery. Unlike the voyeur who gets excited watching the private world of a neighbor, for this visual artist the keyhole represents the curiosity to explore an unknown space that leads her to reflect on the intimacies of human beings; what is hidden beyond the surface of the people that surround her.

To achieve this goal, the key of her intuition and her fertile imagination evoke an unusual cartography of abstract landscapes that are actually the fulfillment of her fantasies and desires to transform life as we know into a visual utopia. Her compositions refer to mysterious rock formations, crossroads and labyrinths in ancestral caverns, whimsical spaces that the artist discovers when she crosses the threshold to an unknown universe. They are actually the testimony of a spiritual philosophy that seeks to recover nature’s values for art.

Not surprisingly, the presence of figures that recall organic cells that expand or reproduce, suggest topographic roughness, petrified trees or fungi that the artist achieves by applying sepia and ocher colors, tinged with subtle red or blue, integrated to textures, scrapes and transparencies to emphasize the semantic ambiguity of her artistic proposal, one of the essential merits of her work.

On a national level, Ortega’s work is declared as one of the most original due to her rigorous technique at the service of an aesthetic concept that transcends the widespread simplicity found nowdays in the art world.

Eduardo Márceles Daconte





These workshops are recreational activities in which Patricia Ortega participates as a volunteer for events organized by institutions and foundations that promote childhood benefits.

The rural workshops are programs in which children are taught to observe the environment they live in, the animals that surround them, the people they live with and the plants that make up their landscape; in order for them to take ownership of the natural values offered by the place they live in. The aim is to make them reflect on what they observe so they can express artistically using colors, watercolors or pastels to make drawings, lines, or stains that represent the way they see their environment.

The wall is a public space in which bigger formats of work of art are represented. The aim here is to express local social aspects or situations. The catalogs and events are sections of the strategies used by the artist to reveal her work of art.

Rural Workshops

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(National Park Los Nevados) Workshop that allows recognizing shapes in nature as a first step on environmental education and conservation. Expedition organized by EcoAndes Foundation to benefit children of the Paramo schools in the central Andes area.


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(Villa Garzón, Putumayo) A workshop that consists on teaching children how to see their environment and their body in a more profound way, and then express the shapes they found in the observed objects, using pastels, charcoal pencils and sanguines.

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(Güita, Suesca, Cundinamarca) Following the idea of putting together art and education, the broadening of activities in rural schools near to Bogota begun. The objective was to perpetuate and at the same time diversify the techniques used in the workshops.


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